History of Doula [U]

Crafted from the minds of two doulas and a lovely professor

Doula U was born from a desire to enhance doula training, bridging gaps we’ve encountered and observed within the field. Our vision is community-driven, advocating for doulas to engage deeply with their communities. 

We prioritize evidence-based education, reflecting real-world doula experiences. 

Our comprehensive program includes vital sections on business and branding, addressing the post-training uncertainty many doulas face. 

Partnering with nonprofits ensures accessibility, empowering those unable to afford traditional training. 

Moreover, we offer a supportive consulting hub, covering everything from ideation to branding, under one roof.

Doula U values

  1. Advocacy for Doula Sustainability:
    We advocate for doulas to be recognized as a sustainable career option and for their vital role in improving maternal and family health outcomes.
  2. Client-Centric Approach:
    Our focus is unwaveringly on the client and their family, ensuring that their preferences, values, and experiences are central to the care they receive
  3. Preparation and Collaboration:
    We are dedicated to ensuring that doulas graduate feeling fully prepared, excited, and empowered to serve their clients, equipped with a solid plan, and ready to collaborate with peers to bring a sense of community to their practice.
  4. Emphasis on Collaboration over Competition:
    We foster a culture of collaboration among doulas, encouraging them to view each other as allies rather than competitors and to work together to elevate the profession and expand access to quality doula care.
  5. Innovation:
    We embrace the spirit of innovation, encouraging our doula students to continuously explore and introduce new ideas, methods, and inventions aimed at enhancing their doula skills. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of creative thinking that empowers doulas to develop practical and innovative solutions to challenges in healthcare.
  6. Community Engagement and Entrepreneurship:
    We encourage doulas to actively engage with their communities, leveraging their skills and expertise to address community needs while fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in doula care.

“We want to ensure all doulas know they can be community based and also an sustainable business"

Quanisha mcgruder.  co-creator

Meet your guides

Quanisha McGruder

Co Creator, Teacher, Consultant

DeAnna Vonbartheld

Co Creator, Teacher, Consultant

Our vision create a global environment where doulas can prosper and build enduring careers, nurturing both community-based and professional doula services.

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